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Opportunity Insights, A Knowledge Management Report

Opportunity’s KM team is responsible for generating, capturing and disseminating knowledge throughout the Opportunity network as a result of conducting rigorous, groundbreaking research on clients, markets,…

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Understanding the Benefits of School Improvement Loans…

At the core of EduFinance is a desire to make affordable, quality education accessible to children in developing countries by providing qualified, mission-driven school proprietors with financing and training.…

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Gender Analysis of AgFinance in Ghana and Mozambique

Opportunity International’s (Opportunity’s) Agricultural Finance (AgFinance) program helps smallholder farmers increase farm productivity, financial stability, and food security to enhance quality…

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Backpacks and Possibilities

by Lydia Baldridge Meier

Why I’m supporting the Infinite Possibilities campaign—so that more parents have the chance to send their kids off with a smile on their face and fewer worries in their heart.

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Increasing Access to Affordable, High Quality Education

Opportunity International has been providing Education Finance (EduFinance) series to low-cost private schools for the past ten years. Opportunity’s partnership with local schools in Uganda and Rwanda…

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Client Journey Mapping as Applied by Sinapi Aba Savings…

Through UNCDF’s MicroLead programme, Opportunity International and Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans tested a dynamic approach to understanding and improving the client experience. With a more detailed understanding…

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Accessible, High-Quality, Sustainable Education for…

Education is the most powerful we tool we have to fight poverty around the world. Our goal is to make education accessible, high-quality, and sustainable for all students around the world—developing…

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Ellen Ratner interviews Atul Tandon, CEO Opportunity…

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Sinapi Aba's Conversion from MFI to Savings and Loans

In 2011, Ghana’s largest and arguably most successful microfinance institution, Sinapi Aba Trust (Opportunity network member), converted to a government-regulated Savings and Loans Company – Sinapi…

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Promoting Peace Through Community and Opportunity

In order to end extreme poverty, people must first feel safe in their homes and free from violence. Opportunity promotes peace and justice by fostering community and creating opportunities for people to…

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